Our team of experts is committed to providing exemplary art advisory services for a wide range of local and international clients. We curate and manage the highest quality art projects in diverse environments and contexts. 

Visioncy applies its creative leadership in managing artistic excellence, audience diversity, cultural projects and financial sustainability at both local and international levels.

Accordingly, in order to develop art strategies of the highest caliber, we are responsible – among others – of day-to-day operations, staff management, marketing, budget management, public relations, fundraising, program development and evaluation, and board relations.

We also act as consultant for collectors by:

  • Developing outstanding contemporary art collections – helping you identify promising talents amongst early career artists in the worlds art market
  • Commissioning contemporary artworks
  • Dealing with collection management and maintenance


We believe that one of the key for success is to maintain close relations with our clients hence why we desire to work hand by hand with our clients in all our projects