Ara Güler Universal

We are proud to present you Ara Güler Universal, an exhibition designed, produced and curated by Visioncy in collaboration with the legendary photographer himself.

This exhibition will showcase an impressive collection of artworks summing up over 60 years of his career. It aims to present the variety of his work,  ranging from intime portraits of international celebrities to the promotion of Turkey’s cultural heritage and architecture.

Although considering himself to be a photojournalist and not an artist, one cannot but notice the strong poetry that the “Eye of Istanbul” conveyed through his lens, managing to reveal the uniqueness of the people and places he immortalized around the world.

The exhibition comes also with black boxes of audio-visual material, therefore giving the public an experience of the vanished Istanbul Ara Güler he was living in.

Through this project, Visioncy desires to celebrate the cultural diversities that compose our world and society; and pay a tribute to a man who dedicated his life to depict the human condition, whether it be in the form of everyday life or major historical events.

For further information, please visit our project’s website here.