Global Arts Institute

The Global Art Institute (GAI) is a flexible and comprehensive concept elaborated by Visioncy regarding cultural centers around the world. The structural aspect of the project is modular and can be replicated in various cities, adapted to different locations and situations. Our aim is to build an international network of GAIs, with institutes located in South-East Asia, Middle-East and Europe,.

The GAI aims to provide a residency program for artists; an exhibition space; a community space that will include a restaurant-café, a library and a shop; and a venue for the creation of artistic events and educational programs. Also, there will be two galleries, one specialized in photography and another one dedicated to contemporary fine arts. The project fills a void in the current fine art landscape, combining logistical and practical support for artists and curators.

Our principal desire is to create an environment that will inspire all creative minds to develop and share their ideas and talents in a safe and encouraging setting. In addition, the GAI will be a gathering space where art lovers, collectors, amateurs, public and tourists will be able to meet and exchange.

The GAI will use a combination of private and public supports with the desire to build bridges between local and international networks. The GAI will also be the opportunity to promote the work of local artists in every city where the platform will be installed in, since the contents of each GAI will travel abroad, both among and outside the GAI network.

The Global Arts Institute is model of a comprehensive art space for the future, which promotes cultural exchange projects between Asia, the Middle-East and Europe. It will be dedicated to the Arts, with a yearly program and a wide selection of activities and contents in order to create new synergies locally.

Dedicating a beautiful space for art and culture in the heart of the Born quarter in the antique France is an initiative towards intercultural exchange and cultural celebration. It will raise awareness both about the international and local art heritage and will become a new platform for art lovers.

The Global Arts Institute will propose a Photo Museum, an Art Gallery, Education and Corporate Programs, Artists Residency, an Art Store, a Concept Café and a Library. Exhibitions, workshops, art talks and visits will also be organized on a regular basis.

With these different activities, cultural exchanges between local artists and regional institutions will develop. Artists, curators, collectors, institutions, private companies, galleries and museums, but also professors and students and general public are involved in this one-of-its-kind project