Claude Mollard: Book Translation

Cultural engineering is the ability to bring optimal solutions, in terms of quality, costs and delays, to the demand from partners in cultural life: [demand] in terms of goal setting, programming, fund-raising and technical realization of projects.

Claude Mollard.

Claude Mollard is the inventor of the concept of cultural engineering. The concept aims to describe a development tool for cities and spaces in regards to their cultural and heritage richness.  His book, Cultural Engineering, is thus a primordial source for all people interested in arts administration, arts management, cultural policy, artistic programming, and technicalities in the arts. Cultural Engineering could therefore be considered as a guide towards the promotion of all cultural wealth in all various places. Visioncy helped translate the book in Malay, titled Rekayasa Kebudayaan, so as to encourage local people to further realize the potential impact and the extent of possibilities that their culture, traditions and heritage could bring to Malaysia. We are really grateful to ITBM for all their support regarding the translation of this book. Our agency believes that culture and education are intrinsically linked and should be promoted through the translation of established and influential works of literature.