The Tale of Rafiee Ghani's Moroccan Journey - Book Publishing

In 2014, the esteemed Malaysian artist Rafiee Ghani traveled to Morocco and returned inspired to create his “Desert Rose” series. 

Traveling through the eyes of the artist Rafiee Ghani, Visioncy edited a unique book, specifically on the subject of his journey through Morocco and the influenced it had on this latest artwork.  

In the exclusive Moroccan Pavilion of the Botanical Garden in Putrajaya, we were pleased to organized a special reception, with the support of ITBM and the Moroccan Embassy in Malaysia, for the official launch of the book and the opening of an exhibition with Rafiee Ghani’s watercolors inside the Pavilion. The public, therefore, had the opportunity to experience the artist’s voyage and catch a glimpse of his experiences through his paintings.